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Alerts: Updated 7/2/2020

The following instructions are currently under review because of recent legislation or case law:

  • Instructions 3.12(e); 7.10; 7.11 – State v. Poole, SC18-245 (Fla. January 23, 2020) 
  • Instructions 7.8; 7.9; 11.14(h); 11.15(l); 14.1; 15.2; 16.12; 28.1; 28.1(a); 28.2; 28.3; 28.4; 28.4(a); 28.5; 28.5(a); 28.7; 28.8; 28.8(a)-(e); 28.9; 28.9(a); 28.10; 28.11; 28.11(a)-(b); 28.12; 28.13; 28.18 – Chapter No. 2020-69, Laws of Florida

Proposal for comments:

The Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases submits the following new instruction to the Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Criminal Cases for comment. The committee proposes the following:

7.3(a) – Death Caused by the Unlawful Distribution of (Name of Enumerated Substance[s])

The committee invites all interested persons to comment on the proposal. Comments must be received by the committee in either electronic format or hard copy on or before July 22, 2020. The committee will review all comments received in response to the above proposal at its next meeting and will consider amendments based upon the comments received. File your comments electronically to, in the format of a Word document. If you cannot file electronically, mail a hard copy of the comment to Standard Jury Instructions Committee in Criminal Cases, c/o Bart Schneider, General Counsel’s Office, Office of the State Courts Administrator, 500 S. Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399.